Drawn by Riko and written by Espen J Jorgensen.


Live @ Alex's

Veiw videos from the recent show at Alex's Bar.


The origins of FLATTBUSH

Riko and Arman tell us about how Flattbush started.


Seize the Time/Otomatik Attak

Riko tells us about the process of making STT and OA.


The Flattbush axeman tells all

Sunday, 22 February 2015

FLATTBUSH To Support Faith No More

Hello people.....The news just in...FLATTBUSH will open for one of Faith No More's shows in April.
Updates to follow shortly!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Holy Shit - Online NOW!

Wow, it's been a while...but this shit just got real...

'Holy Shit' the bands awesome new single is available to listen to, click the link here to check it out!!


Danny Walker - drums
Bradley Walther - guitar
Arman Maniago - bass
Riko Maniago - vocals

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Flattbush EP release show confirmed

Hey guys...
FLATTBUSH have just given me the heads up on there forthcoming EP release show.
It will take place on Friday December 28th @ Alex's Bar in Long Beach CA. w/ FLATTBUSH, Radiation 4, and Fetus Eaters - all amazing bands...

The guys are currently still working on the EP, all instruments are now done and just need to record vocals...

Monday, 4 June 2012

Danny Walker to record drums with Flattbush

Big news! Danny Walker (Intronaut, Murder Construct, Phobia, Exhumed, etc.) will be recording drums on Flattbush's next release! Stay tuned! 

FLATTBUSH are still in the studio completing their new EP. 
Billy Gould will be down to mix the EP after the FNM summer dates are over.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Flattbush Update


Hey guys, so I hope you are enjoying the blog so far :)

So Flattbush are currently preparing the new EP, at the moment I think they are in the mixing stage so hopefully we won't have to wait too long before we get to here it.
The guys are also going to be working on a new video which should be pretty cool, I know I'm definately looking forward to seeing it!

Keep checking back for more updates, and until the next post I leave you with this little beauty!!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Arman Maniago Interview

FLATTBUSH Bassist and songwriter Arman Maniago very kindly spared me a few minutes of his time to talk about how he got into playing bass, working with Bill Gould, songwriting and more...

So Arman can you tell me your earliest memories of music?
Whatever was on the radio or anywhere. I didnt get into a specific style of music until I was in high school. There where a group of kids into hip hop,punk,ska,gothic,grunge,metal, and this group of kids just hated each other. You know how it is when you where young, you have to belong in a group of friends. But I pretty much hung out with all these cats, but they think im whack cuz I was a hardcore faith no more fan hahaa...and cant really fit with the metal guys, they said FNM is gay cuz it has a keyboard. I would get in arguments how grunge is the worst music ever and I hated Janes Addiction. I dont know exaclty why i hated them, I think it was probably because i thought FNM, Bungle and Brujeria where badass!

What was it that made you want to start playing the bass, and when did you first pick up the bass?
I wanted to play drums and wanted to be Mike Bordin, Dave Lombardo or Pete Sandoval. I thought playing drums looked fun, and plus when you watch or hear Mike or Dave play or Pete blasting on Terrorizer, that shit has soul n just has a good feel. 
But then I ended up playing bass because I was assigned to. We used to live in a small apartmnt and learning to play bass was practical. I started late,19 yrs old. I thought I need to catch up on my chops. And in two weeks I could play pretty much all Primus songs. 
I remember back then I was frustrated learning FNM bass licks, even if I have tabs infront of me,I can't catch Billy Goulds chops. He has a weird style, which is great. Every FNM song has its own vibe and character, example when you play caffeine, your bass strap needs to be adjusted to the max, almost to your knees. Thats because its the attitude of the song and thats what it is asking for, and then you try to learn evidence, then your fuck!, totally different vibe and approach. You'll get a wierd headache trying to get the perfect mindset. 
Of course they could be easy to learn but to get the feel of it and get into Billy's mind and to incorporate it with your normal way of learning, its very challenging and frustrating.

You have had the privilege of working with one of the greatest bass players/songwriters of our generation in Bill Gould, can you tell me what that was like and how much have you learnt from Bill?
It sucks that Billy doesn't get much respect, I guess because he is just a bass player. I learn a lot from how you analyze mixes, production, how frequency work together when you write music and dynamics, and not just music, he is a great photographer and has good taste in art. 
As of composing music, he would say, it may sound good n feel good when you play your music live, but the next thing is, does this music still sound as good when it will be coming out from two small speakers.
What I remember the most, he says "its your music, do whatver you want, and no one is stopping you"

I've noticed that you have a very unique playing style, how did that come about?
I like it as percussive as i can. Its a big wood, has four strings, some wires and knobs, nothing special about it and actually kind of boring when you look at it. I just thought I'll maximize my fun fucking with this instrument. But if I pick up a guitar,a stick or whatever,I would approach it in a non traditional way and fuck with it. 
Picking up my bass and when I write songs, I thought you gotta approach it with an attutude as how Picasso used clay.

So for all the gear geeks out there can you tell us about your setup?
Costume Zon Sonus 4 string bass, Ampeg SVT3 pro, Ampeg 6x10" cabinet, Boss pedals(bass overdrive,distortion/overdrive,flanger,digital delay,tuner) digitech whammy pedal, dunlop cry baby. 12yrs old set up n equipmnts.

So how do you go about writing a Flattbush song, what is the secret formula?
We kind of have our signature sound and vibe so whatever I come up with is Flattbush. Most of the time I have a riff, show it to the guys and it'll build from there, and I dont waste time,when I say i'll write a song i'll write a song and it'll become a song. Of course it has to be catchy and have hooks everywhere!

That Tagalog shit sounds amazing with your music, was it always your intention to get Riko to sing some parts in your native language?
I was a huge Brujeria fan, I thought having it with our native tounge would be cool, and when Mike Patton came to see us live he said "keep that tagalog shit! That shit is fierce!" and we met Brujo of Brujeria during our early days and he pushed us on that direction.

Your currently in the process of making a new EP can you tell me a bit about that, is it still going to be focusing on the struggles of the people back in your homeland? and music wise can we expect something different from the previous albums?
It'll be the same, this time we are trying our best to rip off Napalm Death, Melt Banana and Primus. Yes, content has to be our everyday struggle and our people, domestic and international issues. As long as there is no free health care, free education, fair minmum wage and immigration law and US imperialism there would be FLATTBUSH music and art.

Flattbush are currently working on a new EP and video.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Riko & Espen continue their art talk


Espen: Do we want to say anything about this comic, Riko? You wanted
to draw something Turtles related so I coughed up this stupid idea
based on the Turtle Power song. I like bad humor for some weird
reason. Maybe it´s therapy, I don´t know. Don´t ask.

Riko: Hehehe… I had fun drawing this piece and you can't take talking
turtles seriously anyways.

Check this fantastic Turtle Power track

Espen: I really like this, it´s crude and somewhat realistic. What did
you use as reference here? The live action Turtles?

Riko: I have a lot of these vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
action figures in my studio. This particular Leonardo is based on the
"1992 Movie Star Turtles" action figure by Playmates. I am still
experimenting on the side on how to draw them "MY WAY".

Espen: Ok, so this one is somewhere between all the styles/character
designs you've done. You do lots of sketching/layout work when you do
comics, murals and so on, but did you paint this one without any
pre-production work? It feels so natural in a way.

Riko: This piece took me about 45 minutes to finish. I did a really
quick sketch on a grocery paper bag and then started painting over it
using acrylic paint. If I had some black acrylic paint available, it
would've probably taken me about 30 minutes to finish. The 15 minutes
was wasted on looking for some black acrylic paint. So I decided to
use water-based ink for calligraphy and a chinese brush to do the
thick and thin lines. I would've used sharpie markers if I hadn't
found black paint. My point is, it's like speed painting. But I was
able to pull it off because of the long hours of practice and studies
on these characters.